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Use our Experience to Your Advantage

Performing measurements on cables requires a lot of experience to do this job well, regardless of whether it is fiber optic cable or copper cable. You must be able to read the test results and traces to make the decision whether they are real or not. It’s a huge problem if the result or trace is not looking familiar. Especially if you do not make such tests on a regular basis, you will not have grasped the true understanding of the result. If the bad result is just because of the wrong use of the equipment, if the equipment itself is bad or the cable has been damaged.

For a lot of companies it’s not economical to buy very expensive equipment like, CD- or PMD-testers. To rent this equipment is also a bad solution, because you are not familiar with use of it and you are not familiar to prepare the documentation. In such cases we like to help out with equipment and know-how.

Some cables can be repaired only by night (night switching). The installation company can look forward to a professional measuring process and thereby they can save their technicians for normal day-jobs. This night switching becomes more frequent, because of the building of new highways, changing of temporary links or cable damage. The traffic on cables is less by night and this is the huge advantage.

Some customers let the quality of their dark fiber test by our office. Very often it’s only one pair, which connects the major cities in Europe. The customer gives us the thresholds for link loss, connector loss, optical return loss, CD- and PMD-values. We perform the complete tests and prepare high quality documentation. Our client can present the final customer with the test results, which are brought by an independent and external engineering office. This brings more confidence.

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